Welcome to my site!

I’m an Award-winning Poet, Professional Web Content Writer and Copywriter, Freelancer for Hire.


MACA.T.A. (pronounced as “ma-ka-ta”), is the Filipino word for “poet”. It is also an acronym of my real name: 
(MAC) (A)drone (T)ibio (A)donay. I have been writing poems since I was a kid and up to this date, I have written nearly 2,000 poems. If you will look at my works, most of them are written with patterns and schemes. I have comprehensive knowledge of poetry and literature; making me able to write over 200 different forms of poetry such as sonnets, quatrains, quintains, rondel, triolet, haiku, etc. You name it, probably I have one example of it. I have been one of the great contributors and pioneers of Septon Poetry in which I showcase various styles and concepts with a mix of Classic and Modern forms. Being one of the admins of the poetry groups in Facebook, I have taught young poets to elevate and master their craft.

I would highly appreciate your time if you read and comments on my works. Also, if you are interested with my poetry skills, feel free to communicate with me. I would like to work with publishers and collaborate with individuals who have the same interest like me.

I have plans in the future that I will be able to raise funds and help the indigenous community in the Philippines through an initiative, “Poetry for a Cause”. I would like to write a poetry book, sell it and donate the revenues to the poor people in my community.

If there are writing opportunities and contests, just let me know. Spread love and help me.


My writing skills are not limited to poetry. In fact, I am versatile and is able to study and write all types of content. I am a content writer who helps clients and business to speak their brand and improve their marketing strategy.

I do the following services:

– SEO content writing
– Blogs
– Articles
– Website Content Creation
– Content Planning and Strategy
– Press Release
– Product Descriptions
– Video Script Writing
– Product Reviews
– Essays
– Social Media Content
– Academic Writing
– many more

I have served clients both national and abroad. I love to work with other people who value their workers and employees. I believe that the internet offers an online friendly community which allows remote people to interact and work towards a common goal.

If you need help in matters relating to content writing, feel free to drop a message and I will respond immediately and see if I can help you.

I do not write just because I will get paid, but because writing is my passion. It breathes within me. It is my art and craft.

To the kind-hearted person who is reading this, I humbly ask for your support to follow my blog, like/comment/share my post and be one of my dear readers. I would be glad to do the same.

May God bless you!

Verse Weaver MACA.T.A.

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